I Can See Your Voice 2021- participant Sinikka Monte's EP Deadlocked out on the 4th of February! 


Sinikka Monte’s EP deadlocked is an intimate collection of sad and emotional songs.

The song Deadlocked is about consent and about the fact that what you wear should not give anyone the permission to touch you. The song was written after a relationship where these boundaries were broken.

“When did I send an Invitation, it shouldn’t matter what I wear.” This song is to all that have been abused, sexually assaulted, harassed, and touched without consent. Nothing you wear should ever be an invitation for someone to touch you. My clothes do not determine my consent.

“I was also recently assaulted inappropriately in broad daylight at the railway station in Vienna and it was terrifying because I could have not defended myself. I think this is a topic that we should talk about more and make people aware that this sort of behaviour is not ok.”

Deadlocked is written by Sinikka Monte and the emotionally epic cinematic production of the song was done by Florian Spies. The video was made by Rolin Media and the project is powered by SKE and Musikfond.


Slayer is the second single of the EP Deadlocked. The single features powerful lyrics and stunning vocals accompanied by dramatic beats produced by Robert Wallner.  

“Slayer is literally about killing love in a relationship. Slayer is one of my favourite songs because it allowed me to let out my anger.”

Infrared is a groovy pop rock song with lush vocals. Infrared is about lack of warmth in relationships and about how disposable friendships have become.


The track combines Sinikka Monte’s sarcastic woke lyrics, powerful vocals, and lush harmonies with Florian Spies’ innovative production. Martin Scheran’s flute solo adds spark to the tune. The song is mixed and mastered by Nikodem Milewski


Empathy: “I am definitely an Empath and wrote Empathy about the lack of empathy in people that I have encountered while living as a foreigner in Austria. I have had problems creating long-lasting authentic relationships and felt that many of my relationships have failed due to lack of empathy.”

Empathy is written by Sinikka Monte and produced by Florian Spies.


The EP Deadlocked is funded by Österreichische Musikfond and SKE.


Sinikka Monte (19) is a Finnish and South-African singer songwriter who was born in Scotland and currently living in Austria. In 2021 she took part in the German RTL-Show I Can See Your Voice. In 2021 she was awarded Youngster of Arts by her hometown St. Pölten and two of her songs made it to the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition. In 2019 she received the Joe Zawinul „Z“ Award. In 2021 Sinikka received the 3rd prize in the Songwriting Awards of the Austrian Composers' Association 


Sinikka combines different genres in her music and her music can be classified as “Hyperpop”. Her lyrics are autobiographical, and she writes about loss, unempathetic people and mental and physical abuse in relationships.

Her music is inspired by Labrinth, Madison Beer, Imagine Dragons and Ariana Grande.